Senior Business analyst

As a Senior Business Analyst with the organization, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that will work agile on product innovation. You bring innovation and focus primarily on innovating the organization’s core product. You know how to translate customer requirements into functional applications and user stories. In addition, you continuously develop with the team based on the vision, strategy and roadmap in order to realize future opportunities. The current products that enable standards application are good and customers are satisfied, but we want to take a big step toward the future. That means innovation in the area of digital products.

In the development of this product, the focus is on the user. Therefore, you engage with the user and understand his or her challenges. You translate expectations into more generic needs, and can communicate them well to the development partner. You also understand what customer requirements mean for the way of content creation and processing. You ensure that functionalities work as agreed upon. And thus for satisfied customers.

What is required?

– Academic work and thinking level

– Relevant experience as a business analyst or similar position in an agile environment

– Broad and proven experience in product innovation, user research and data analytics

– Relevant knowledge of information market trends and content developments

– Good command of Dutch and English, both verbal and written

– Coaching, empathetic, analytical, innovative, structured, persevering

What do you get?

– 36-hour work week

– 24 vacation days + 12 ATV days

– Training opportunities through the internal academy and individual training opportunities

– Laptop, cell phone and allowance for travel expenses

What do you have to do?

40% Translate customer requirements into user stories/functional requirements

20% Working on product innovation with scrum team

20% Designing and describing business processes

10% Contact with customers and partners

10% Internal consultation

real-life example:

During a work day, immediately after the day starts, you work with the agile team with various colleagues on user stories. Together with your fellow Product Manager, you speak to a customer about her requirements.


In addition, you work out process descriptions so that the final implementation in the organization goes well.


At the end of the day, you meet with the content team’s data analyst to discuss content availability further.


These activities will make your day successful.

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