Auditor Quality, Safety and Environment

Auditor Quality, Safety and Environment

Check how the company adheres to safety, quality and environmental schemes. You start the day with a cup of coffee together with the management and the KAM coordinator. To break the ice, ask how the company is doing in general. These are busy times for the sector. How do they deal with the chock-full order book? And what about the shortage on the labor market? Will they manage to complete the assignments? You listen carefully and gather important information in this first, almost informal conversation.

After this you make a tour of the company.

You pay close attention to whether what you see matches what you just heard during the conversation. You have a chat with the planner, the project leader and the executor. Also on the list of those you want to interview: the head of the corporate office and the head of finance. You inquire about their work and ask well. When you return to the workplace that has been cleared for you, you carry out a document search. You study, among other things, the management review, the results of the recent internal audits and the compliance check.

The second part of the day you go into the field, check whether the procedures drawn up by the company itself are actually followed. Do the employees work according to the safety regulations, do they wear their personal protective equipment? Those are things you pay attention to. But also: how does the company deal with calculations that got out of hand during the project? What do they do with a non-balanced budget, with customer complaints and how do they register trend analyses? At the end of the day you have a final meeting with the management. You let them know that you have discovered some imperfections in their system. Although this is a setback for them, they are happy with your findings and agree to get started with the results of the audit. A colleague of yours will check in three months whether they have indeed handled this correctly. You end the day with a good feeling.

The audits you perform actually add something. Thanks to your expertise, companies know how to work even more carefully, resulting in satisfied customers. That makes your job as a quality and safety auditor not only very varied, but also socially relevant. As far as you are concerned, the most beautiful aspect of it.

What is required?

  • Hbo diploma. preferably in the direction of environmental technology, MVK or HVK.
  • At least 3 years of work experience as a quality/safety professional.
  • Affinity with the demolition, construction, installation technology or petrochemical sector.
  • You are inquisitive in character and enjoy digging through the laws and regulations with great pleasure.
  • You stand firm.

What do you get?

  • You will receive a warm welcome within a friendly team of professionals
  • A very challenging job with a view to permanent employment.
  • A good monthly salary, which is tailored to your knowledge and experience
  • Leased car, Laptop and smartphone. All this can also be used privately
  • Collective Pension Provision, with 50% premium paid by us.

What do you have to do?

Apply now!